Leka Solid Roof

Leka Solid Roof

The Leka Roof has been designed to outperform, as well as outlast, common glass and polycarbonate roofing systems. Approved by JHAI, the approved building inspector licensed by the Government, and patent-pending technologies lead the way for innovation in the industry.

Poor insulation in glazed and polycarbonate roofs on conservatories lead to wild temperature fluctuations between summer and winter.  Glare, at an unbearable level, is also a common complaint from homeowners. The Leka System solves both these issues with proper insulation set into a solid, tiled conservatory roof creating a more usable space all year round.

The Leka System is superior to competitor systems; delivering the performance, efficiency and longevity of a normal roof, and crucially, looking very similar. Concrete effect or slate effect tiles come in a wide range of colours.


Features & Benefits

  • Enjoy your conservatory all year round
  • Warm and cosy in Winter
  • Cool and relaxing in Summer
  • Fast fitting with minimal disturbance
  • Structurally tested GRP framework
  • No timber = No moisture absorption or rotting
  • No aluminium = No condensation/thermal bridging
  • Lightweight structure, ideal for installation on conservatory framework
  • Industry leading energy values
  • Building regulations compliant

Brochure Downloads

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Installation guides

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Leka Orangery: Installer guide
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Leka Xi: Installer guide
Leka Xi Installer Guide

Elements of a Leka roof

Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP)
The Leka Roof’s frame (made up of rafters, a ring beam and ridge) is made from glass-reinforced plastic. GRP is a composite with tensile strength greater or equal to steel. Yet it will never corrode or rot.
Nor will it shrink or warp. Ifs the perfect choice for a roof which is why we chose it. Other materials cannot beat it.
Internal Leka Boards
We call them ‘Leka boards’ because we established the benefits for the Leka roof purpose. These are fitted beneath the GRP rafters. They are a third the weight of standard plasterboard, more thermally efficient and 100% waterproof, so will never degrade. They can be skimmed the same as plasterboard for a perfect finish.
Insulation sheets
We tested a wide number of insulation sheets before choosing a small number of brands. In our opinion, these are the best insulation products on the market. The sheets are fitted with a 15mm gap from the Leka boards to create a warm air pocket. This provides high value thermal efficiency. Each sheet is perfectly cut for your roof.
External Leka Boards
Next, strong, load-bearing and insulated outer sheets are installed onto the rafters, covering up the construction beneath. The outer sheets are also made of high-grade plastic and XPS foam. They are significantly lighter than any other covering board, 100% waterproof, and have a longer life than plywood boards. This makes them far superior.

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