Why did we choose Leka to fabricate?

Designed and engineered to offer so much more

A truly lightweight tiled conservatory roof with an overall industry leading U-value of just 0.15. This makes Leka warm roof one of the most lightweight and energy efficient roofs on the market.

Using GRP allows a structurally tested, lighter alternative to aluminium and timber. When providing the main structural roof rafters GRP is not at risk of sweating, condensation or cold bridging like aluminium.

GRP is not open to woodworm, moisture absorption or potential rotting such as timber. Leka warm roof structural profiles are manufactured and comply with BS EN 13706

Having a load bearing structural insulated and weatherproof outer sheet allows the use of less roofing bars and so our roof bars can be spaced further apart to reduce weight and improve energy efficiency.

Less components, no battens and lightweight to handle = Faster installation


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