Worldwide PVC resin shortage forces price increase

Worldwide PVC resin shortage forces another price increase

Due to unprecedented worldwide shortages of PVC resin we have received notification of a further price increase of 7.5% from Rehau.

Although there is never a good time to impose price increases, we feel the best policy is to inform you as soon as we can and be as transparent as possible.

We have been warned by all suppliers there are more increases likely due to short supply of raw materials and increased containerised transport costs from abroad.

We are fully committed to our suppliers and are confident that the buying power of Rehau and the other industry brand leaders we use will see us all supported in continued supply whilst others start to struggle.

We will reduce costs as and when the core materials return to pre May 2021 prices.

Increase of 7.5% effective from 2 July
This price increase will take effect on all deliveries after 2nd July. This will exclude jobs that are already processed.

Please see the communication from Rehau regarding this increase below.