A brand new bead saw at Iceni

The first DigiBS bead saw in the UK

We are proud to unveil a brand new DigiBS bead saw installed at Iceni Windows!

This machine installation is the first of many upgrades you will see over the coming weeks.

We have been making big improvements behind the scenes at Iceni windows to our products, processes and lead times, all while maintaining expectedly high standards.

What does this mean for production?

Our investment into this fully-automated DigiBS bead saw will great improvements to production time, and rather than one operative having to measure and cut – by hand – the automation provides unrivalled precision and speed, seeing output increase dramatically, reducing the error rate to almost zero.

Any more?

An Urban production line is expected to be installed soon. Watch the ICENI LIVE page for information!

Reminder: New orders must be emailed

From Monday 6th November all orders must be emailed to us at orders@iceniwindows.co.uk

All order forms can be found on the link below.