To work out the min/max DoorCo overall height:

Add the slab, head, threshold and cill dimensions from this table

OptionLarge frameSlim frameAluminiumResidence Radlington
Head options57mm37mm
Threshold options57mm37mm20mm
Cill options30mm55mm

Minimum / Maximum DoorCo sizes44mm GRP standard door slabs, sidepanels and glass dimensions

Grained Traditional DoorsSlim sidepanelsLarge sidepanels
BelfryDiamond square800102819132013----203 x 203
Belfry 3Diamond square x3800102819132013----203 x 203 x3
BirkdaleTwin arch vertical829102819132013406426446466203 x 912 x2
CarnoustieTwin vertical829102819132013406426446466203 x 912 x2
Carnoustie FarmhouseTwin vertical, farmhouse slab829102819132013----203 x 912 x2
FarmhouseSolid farmhouse slab800102819132013406426446466No glass
Gleneagles3-quarter lite876102819132013----558 x 1219
LythamHalf glazed829102819132013----558 x 912
Lytham FarmhouseHalf glazed, farmhouse slab829102819132013----558 x 912
Lytham GridHalf glazed with grid829102819132013----558 x 912
MedinahFull lite829102819132013----558 x 1625
Merion FarmhouseFarmhouse 22 x 23829102819132013----558 x 583
MuirfieldSolid muirfield slab800102819132013----No glass
MuirfieldTwin tops829102819132013406426446466203 x 152
PeninaTwin vertical eye brow829102819132013406426446466203 x 912 x2
PeveroSmall square800102819132013----203 x 203
PortrushHalf moon829102819132013----550 x 250 (+ Radius)
Portrush SunburstHalf moon sunburst829102819132013----550 x 250 + Radius
RivieraHalf moon, twin vertical829102819132013----550 x 250, 203 x 609 x2, (+R)
Riviera SunburstHalf moon sunburst, twin vertical829102819132013----550 x 250, 203 x 609 x2, (+R)
Saunton FarmhouseMid panel vertical800102819132013----203 x 912
St Andrews1-quarter arch lite876102819132013----584 x 332
St Andrews SolidSt Andrews slab876102819132013----No glass
SunningdaleMid panel 6 Panel800102819132013----203 x 609
TroonTwin tops, twin vertical829102819132013406426446466203 x 152 x2, 203 x 605 x2
TurnberryHalf glazed arch829102819132013----558 x 912
Turnberry GridHalf glazed arch w/ grid829102819132013----558 x 912
Grained Contemporary DoorsSlim sidepanelsLarge sidepanels
AugustaAugusta 2-thirds narrow800102819132013----203 x 1219
Augusta LongLong full length 7 x 64800102819132013----177 x 1625
Augusta Long 2Twin long full length 7 x 64829102819132013----177 x 1625 x2
ChantillyHalf moon x2829102819132013----550 x 250 x2
MonzaSolid w/horizontal grooves854102819132013406426446466No glass
Monza Augusta2-thirds narrow, monza slab854102819132013----203 x 1219
Monza Augusta Longlong full length, monza slab854102819132013----177 x 1625
Monza Seminole 3Twin tops x3, monza slab854102819132013----152 x 203 x3
Monza Seminole 4/5Twin tops x4/5, monza slab854102819132013----190 x 190 x4 / x5
OakmontHorizontal rectangle x4829102819132013----457 x 203 x4
Seminole 3Twin tops x3800102819132013----152 x 203
Seminole 4Twin tops x4800102819132013----152 x 203
ValderamaVertical x2 narrow800102819132013----203 x 912, 203 x 605
VilamouraTwin tops x2, twin vertical x1800102819132013----203 x 152, 203 x 912
Links Contemporary DoorsSlim sidepanelsLarge sidepanels
Inox BarcelonaCurved x4829102819132013----Bespoke
Inox BiarritzTapered x2829102819132013----257.5 x 503, 257.5 x 503
Inox LyonTwin tops x2, twin vertical x1800102819132013----203 x 203 x2, 203 x 912
Inox MonacoLong full length 7 x 64800102819132013----177 x 1625
Inox MunichAugusta 2-thirds narrow800102819132013----203 x 1219
Inox NiceTwin tops x4800102819132013----203 x 203 x4
Inox ParisTapered x2829102819132013----257.5 x 503, 257.5 x 503
LINKS AugustaUrban 8 x 48800102819132013----203 x 1219
LINKS Augusta LongUrban 7 x 64800102819132013----177 x 1625
LINKS CopenhagenHorizontal vision panel829102819132013----558 x 254 x4
LINKS OakmontUrban mid panel x4829102819132013----605 x 203 x4
LINKS Seminole 3Urban square x3800102819132013----203 x 203 x3
LINKS Seminole 4/5Urban square x3 / x5800102819132013----203 x 203 x4 / x5
LINKS SunningdaleMid panel 6 panel800102819132013----203 x 605
LINKS ValderamaVertical x2 narrow800102819132013----203 x 605, 203 x 912
LINKS VilamouraTwin tops x2, twin vertical x1800102819132013----203 x 203 x2, 203 x 912
Full Lite----558 x 1625

 Please note: Where fingerpulls are used with slab designs featuring a cassette adjoining the fingerpull the minimum frame width available would be plus 15mm

 Overall glass thickness: 26mm (toughened)